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Book 2 in my Wyntersleap series, New Beginnings at Wynter House is out! This story follows on from where Christmas at Wynter House ended. Book 3, A Wedding at Wynter House will be available to pre-order in mid-April.

Book 2 in my Merriment Bay series Chasing Moonbeams in Merriment Bay was published on 30th March. This follows on from Book 1, Coming Home to Merriment Bay  which you may have read as one complete book, or as the Merriment Bay four-part serial, (as all four parts are wrapped into one big book.) Book 3 in my Merriment Bay series, Wedding Bells in Merriment Bay wil be available to pre-order in late-April.

I love both of these series so much, and the fact that they are interconnected makes them even more fun to write ... although sometimes my head feels as if it may expolde! Several characters are in both series and some of the big events are told from one character's point of view in one of the series and then from another character's point of view in the other series. But the stories aren't duplicated. Each series has it's own separate story. It's only the 'Big Events' that involve certain charaters from both series, that need to be in each. Confused? You won't be, I promise. And each series stands alone, so you only have to read both series if you really want to ... and of course, I hope you'll want to do that.

There's also a map on this website showing the villages of Wyntersleap and Merriment Bay, which are only five miles apart. Click on the 'Maps' tab above to view it. You'll also find an interactive map for my bestselling Lily Pond Lane series, on the 'Maps' page, too.

I'm also working on a new standalone book which has a bit of mystery/thriller thrown in. We've had the title and the gorgeous cover for this book for several months now and I keep looking at it and wishing I could share the cover with you. I must be patient though and wait until after the Wyntersleap and Merriment Bay books are out. I'm really enjoying writing it and it'll be out around July 2020.

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