A Pair of Romantic Comedies - Highland Fling and Lizzie Marshall's Wedding: A Box Set

Warm, witty and wonderfully romantic.

Highland Fling
Love can be full of surprises.

Thirty-two year old Lizzie Marshall, fled to the Scottish Highlands after her husband, Max’s affair. But running a B&B under her maiden name doesn’t mean she’s over him, and advice from her best friend, Jane, who can’t sort out her own love-life, isn’t helping. Max wants Lizzie back, but can she ever trust him again?

Jack Drake’s having serious doubts about his fiancée, especially as he’s not really sure how he came to be engaged in the first place! Does he love her enough to marry her, or should he end things before it’s too late? He’s hoping a weekend in Scotland with five of his friends, will help him decide.

Forty-five year old farmer, Iain Hamilton, vowed he’d never marry again, and a thirty-two year old woman from London is the last person he should be interested in. If only he could stop thinking about her....

When Jack and his friends arrive at Lizzie’s B&B for a long weekend, love seems to be on everyone’s minds. But more than one person, is in for a surprise.

Lizzie Marshall's Wedding
Can love set you free?

Becky Cooper has "let herself go" - at least, that's what her friends say. But as a thirty-two year old widow, Becky hasn't got time to worry about the way she looks. Her husband wasn't the man she thought he was and she's struggling to pay off his debts, raise their five year old daughter and come to terms with the past. Make-up and new clothes are way down on her list of "must-haves" and as for romance - forget about it. A man is the last thing she needs.

Her friends think she’s wrong, and when the undeniably gorgeous, divorcee, Max Bedford, arrives in the village, they decide he would be perfect for her. His mum's just moved into Beckleston Hall and he's staying for a while. But Becky’s already met him, and feels he’s far from perfect; he’s rude, arrogant and annoying. Besides, if the gossip is true, he can have his pick of women, so he wouldn’t be interested in her.

That’s just one of the things Max and Becky disagree on. For some reason that he can’t quite fathom, Max is very interested in the feisty woman he’s just rescued, and whilst the last thing he’s looking for is a serious relationship, dating her could be a lot of fun.

When Becky is employed to organise Lizzie Marshall’s Wedding, introducing her to Max’s ex-wife and a group of people whose lives seem even more complicated and confusing than her own, she begins to discover she’s not the only one with “baggage”.

Can love set her free? Or will Max Bedford break her heart?
2 books for 1 story, great
"I loved the fact these two books concern the same characters, I felt as though I was living it with them I laughed and cried at the same things. Loved them."
Good read
"Really enjoyed this escapism. Stories were well written, enough twists and turns to make it interesting. There was good depth to the stories and as they were quite long, I enjoyed reading them. I enjoyed the fact both stories were linked together. Would look for this author again."
"Wonderfully written books. Would love a third in the series. I love how some of the characters are in both books and new ones introduced in the second book."