I grew up in Hastings, East Sussex and I've always written for pleasure, but my career took me in a very different direction (Law and Banking - please don't hate me!) and I lived and worked in London for many years. Until I became seriously ill and had to reconsider my future. Life's like that, isn't it? I moved back to Hastings and began to concentrate on writing.

It’s been an exciting journey since then. I’ve become a bestselling author, set up my own imprint, Crescent Gate Publishing, and have been an Amazon KDP All Star (which means my stories are in the top 100 most-read/borrowed in the Amazon UK store) every single month for several years now. I’m a member of The Society of Authors and NINC.

I write quickly and I write full-time, so I'm always working on at least two books. My personal life does suffer though. My friends say that when I finally 'pop my clogs' they'll make sure my headstone reads: 'Let me finish writing this chapter and I'll be with you.'
This is the view from my home. I spend an inordinate amount of time watching cloud formations.
I have a rescue cat called Portia, who loves to sit on my office chair. (Perhaps she’s trying to tell me I work too much) And yes, Portia only has one ear. She had to have one removed due to skin cancer, but it doesn't seem to bother her and I think she's gorgeous, don't you?

When I'm not writing, I'm reading, researching, daydreaming or planning trips I'd like to take. I also love swimming, pottering in the garden, and meeting up with friends. I enjoy cooking and generally messing about in the kitchen, especially at Christmas. I absolutely adore Christmas. I'm also a huge fan of snow. Yep. I love the stuff. So naturally, I’m at my happiest when I’m writing a Christmas book!

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I hope that wherever you are in the world, life is treating you well.

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