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I send out a newsletter every 4 or 5 weeks, or when I have something special to tell you, but I won't bombard you, I promise. Almost every newsletter contains a free competition as a little 'Thank You' and your email address is safe and will not be shared. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today! There’s a sign up box at the foot of every page. Better still, if you love my books and want to chat with me and with other fans, why not join my Readers’ Club Facebook group? Click on Emily Harvale’s Readers’ Club to join. But you need to be signed into Facebook to see the group. It’s a closed group, so it and the members show up if you search for it, but no one can see our posts. It’s fairly new but we’re already having fun. Why not join us?

Here’s a Free Extract from my novel, It Takes Two

Alison Warner jabbed with her spoon at the dusting of chocolate powder on her third cappuccino until it no longer resembled a heart. Satisfied, she sank back against the red faux leather of the bench seat and yawned.

Her best friend, Simon sat opposite, talking animatedly, and Ali stared at the giant pink-purple stain that stood out like an open wound on the front of his crumpled white shirt, where she had accidentally spilled a large glass of red wine down it at her cousin Sasha’s all-night engagement party. Her vigorous attempts to remove it had clearly made it worse.

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