That Mistletoe Moment

Sometimes, it only takes one kiss...
Grace Eversley loves Christmas, and this is going to be the best one yet. Her family has been hired to organise the biggest event on the Betancourt Bay Christmas Calendar – the Mistletoe Dance. Not only that, the man she’s had a crush on for most of her life, is going to ask her to be his date. At least, that’s what her family and friends are all saying. Russell Betancourt hasn’t said a word.

But Grace knows Russell keeps his feelings close to his chest. Unlike his older brother, Griff. The only thing that man keeps close to his chest, is the latest beauty he’s dating. And Grace knows exactly what Griff feels about her – absolutely nothing. He’s made that abundantly clear. She’d like nothing more than to wipe that conceited smirk off Griff’s face ... except to get his brother, Russell to declare his true feelings.

As snow falls over Betancourt Bay, and fairy lights twinkle at Betancourt – the venue for the Mistletoe Dance, and the ancestral home of Russell and Griff, there is more than music in the air. Will Grace's Christmas wishes come true this year? Or one of them, at least? Sometimes, it only takes one kiss…

All books in this series can be read as standalones. If you are reading the entire series, please read in order, to prevent spoilers.
This series can also be read with the Locke Isle series. Some characters appear in both series, but again, all books are standalone.